Italian Queens

I will have Italian Queens available starting in April 2016 for $25.00 each plus express shipping

Italian Queen Strengths

  • Shows strong disposition to breeding and very prolific
  • Cleanliness/excellent housekeeper (which some scientists think might be a factor in disease resistance)
  • Uses little propolis
  • Excellent foragers
  • Superb comb builder (writing in Switzerland in 1862, H. C. Hermann stated the comb of an Italian bee-cell occupied only 15 cells for every 16 of the common black bee, and the cubic content was larger by 30%)
  • Covers the honey with brilliant white cappings
  • Shows lower swarming tendency than other Western honey bee races
  • For areas with continuous nectar flow and favorable weather throughout the summer
  • Industry
  • Gentleness
  • A willingness to enter supers
  • Tendency to collect flower honey rather than honey dew (of value only in countries where the colour of the honey determines the price)

    Italian Queen Weaknesses

    • Lacks vitality
    • Inclined to excessive brood rearing
    • Susceptibility to disease
    • High consumption of stores
    • More prone to drifting and robbing than the other principal races of Europe.
    • The strong brood rearing disposition often results in large food consumption in late winter or early spring that causes spring dwindling and hence slow or tardy spring development
    • Brood rearing starts late and lasts long into late summer or autumn, irrespective of nectar flow
    • Tends to forage over shorter distances than either carnica or mellifera, and may therefore be less effective in poorer nectar flows
    • Apparently, it lacks the ability to ripen heather honey before sealing
    • For cool maritime regions
    • For areas with strong spring flow
    • For areas with periods of dearth of nectar in the summer