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Safe honey bee removals

Removal of colony from gable eave

Honey bee removal from an eave.   Once a colony has been there they leave a smell that lures other colony’s in year after year and requires steps to prevent the issue from recurring. I warranty the work against another colony moving in at sometime in the future.

View of eave before removal
The main entrance
Checking me out
Comb removed with the plywood
Thousands of bees
First area of the colony
Neat bay up is also full
The bees are very upset
Moving colony to the hive box
Closed cell foam placed in the cavity to stop new colones from moving in
Plywood installed back on roof
Papered and ready to install the shingles.
All put back together

Honey Bee removal from baseball dugout at Bayboro Park

This removal was for Horry County South Carolina at Bayboro Park. The colony was located in one of the baseball dugouts on the ball field. This one like other county jobs I have done,  have their own maintenance people who replace all the materials removed to access the bees. I am thankful for our Horry/Georgetown  County officials who have called to have the bees removed and relocated instead of spraying.



Removal of hive from home in Waterbridge at Carolina Forest in Myrtle Beach

This removal was up high in a soffit return. I had removed four colonies  the year before in his same location. The home owner had their contractor replace the material after I had removed the bees from the four locations in the home. I meet the contractor there before he replaced the materials and explained how all entrances have to be completely sealed off. Bees find there new home by pheromone, so if there is a bee smell from a prior bee hive swarms will find it. Due to this I told the homeowner I could not warranty against future infestations. Well guess what this one was not sealed off. So here I am again this time I am replacing all damage created by the cut out.  I can warranty against future infestation in the same spot again.

Relocation from second floor deck

This Honey Bee Colony was in the corner of this deck.  When I first started this one,  I was not sure if they were in the column or the deck. They were up inside the deck between the joists.  The upper deck has a rubber membrane keeping them in the dry what a better place, except it is in someone else’s  house.  The home owners  wanted to use their contractor for the replacement of the trim for this job.  Another colony saved.

Two Honey Bee Colonies relocated from a garage ceiling

This was a removal were there were two separate Honey Bee colonies within 32 inches of each other in a garage ceiling. Both of these colonies were very strong

Honey Bee Removal and Relocation

Bee Removal and Relocation

This was a home that had several colonies of bees in the front porch columns this is a video of one of the small ones

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