Carniolan Bees

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Carnolian honeybees are a subspecies of Western honeybee. It originates from Slovenia the southern part of Austrian Alps. They can be found also in parts of Hungary, Romania, Croatia, Bosnia, Herzegovina and Serbia. They are a darker brown to black in color. They are the second most popular race among beekeepers after the Italian. Their ability to defend themselves against insect pests makes them a great choice. Carnolians are extremely gentle in their behavior toward beekeepers. They have a higher resistance to some diseases and parasites. Carnolian performance benefits greatly from supplemental feeding of pollen substitute and sugar syrup. Characteristics are:

  • ¬†Extremely gentle and non-aggressive – easy to work with
  • Best wintering bee as the queen stops brood production in the fall
  • ¬†Little use of propolis
  • Builds up very rapidly in spring
  • Summer brood rearing depends on pollen and nectar flow
  • Forages on colder and wetter days than most other races
  • Brood production is dependent on availability of nectar and pollen sources, meaning more food equals more foragers, less food equals smaller population
  • Less susceptible to brood disease
  • Tends to swarm easily when no expansion room is available
  • If pollen is scarce, brood rearing greatly diminishes
  • Not likely to rob