Bee Relocation

A honey bee swarm can almost always be collected alive and relocated by a competent bee removal company. It is a common misconception that a honey bee swarm should always be exterminated for safety reasons. This is rarely necessary and discouraged if bee removal is possible.  Please save the bees with proper bee removal and relocation. They are nearing extinction.

Babers Bee Company has been professionally removing and relocating honey bees from structures for the past 20 years and has 30 years of experience as a highly skilled carpenter providing options for live bee removal and relocation to both public and private organizations as well as to the general public.

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We offer effective low-cost removal service from walls, roofs, attics, chimneys and other odd places bees may nest. We also make the repairs to the area as though they were never there. We fill the cavity and seal it off to prevent another colony from moving in and provide a two year warranty.  

Bee removal is often dangerous and difficult. A few bees in the house or bees buzzing around the exterior, a chimney, vent, or eave is usually sign of a beehive. An established beehive typically will consist of 10,000 to 50,000 bees. An average beehive can have 25 to 200 lbs of honey and comb.

If the bee colony has just appeared and is congregating outdoors, it is called a swarm. An average swarm may be about 5,000 bees and about the size of a football and often beard shaped. In the case of a swarm, bees will typically rest on a tree, bush, or an external structure for a few days looking for a new home which could be in your wall, attic, chimney, roof or an enclosed area.  If this happens, bee removal is the next option in which case the sooner you address the problem the less honeycomb will need to be removed. If you are experiencing a problem with honey bees, call Rick now. His phone number is: (843) 543-BEES (2337).