Removal of hive from home in Waterbridge at Carolina Forest in Myrtle Beach

October 17, 2017 0 Comments

This removal was up high in a soffit return. I had removed four colonies  the year before in his same location. The home owner had their contractor replace the material after I had removed the bees from the four locations in the home. I meet the contractor there before he replaced the materials and explained how all entrances have to be completely sealed off. Bees find there new home by pheromone, so if there is a bee smell from a prior bee hive swarms will find it. Due to this I told the homeowner I could not warranty against future infestations. Well guess what this one was not sealed off. So here I am again this time I am replacing all damage created by the cut out.  I can warranty against future infestation in the same spot again.

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